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Our Roasting Process

In the traditional cylindrical coffee roasting process, gourmet coffee beans are roasted in a large drum. As they roast, the beans shed a thin skin called chaff that smolders and leaves the beans with a slightly bitter and smoky taste. In our Hot-Air coffee roasting process, roasting coffee beans on a fluid bed of air at high temperatures is very much in principal like a hot air popcorn popper.

Invented in 1975 and manufactured in Corvallis Oregon, the Sivetz Coffee Roaster is unique in that it uses continuous moving fresh air to roast coffee rather than a hot surface. As the beans shed their skin, the hot air blows the chaff into a separate chamber. The tilted bed allows the hot air to circulate through the coffee beans, roasting each bean evenly. Our roasts are precise and can be reproduced time and time again for consistency. The result is a clean uniform roasted coffee rich in flavor with a smooth, never bitter aftertaste that will delight you. After the coffee beans are Hot-Air roasted, the blending is done by hand.

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