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For Best Results

The coffee bean holds in flavorful oils and aromatic compounds. We strongly recommend buying whole gourmet coffee beans and grinding the coffee yourself. The best tasting, freshest coffee is coffee that has gone from the roaster to the brewed cup as quickly as possible. Coffee is a perishable item with a limited shelf life. Heat, light, air and moisture are all factors that can make coffee become stale. Store your coffee in an airtight container or tightly closed Highliner Coffee Company bag. Peak freshness diminishes over time as aromatic gases are released. Freezing will slow this process.

We suggest that you keep a week's worth of coffee in an airtight container at room temperature. Whole beans in airtight containers will keep up to three weeks with aroma and flavor diminishing a bit each day, but ground coffee should be brewed within a week because loss of flavor is quicker with more surface area exposed. For longer storage, keep whole beans in the freezer. Packages of frozen coffee should be kept airtight as well and opened as infrequently as possible. Buying small amounts of whole bean Highliner roasted coffee frequently and grinding your own roasted coffee beans is the best way to enjoy fresh gourmet coffee.

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